SANAT in Alby

Our center has been opened mainly for numerous artistic and cultural activities for people of all ages. It was established with the idea of being a meeting point for learning and sharing any form of art.

We wanted to form a culture house where we can organize instrument courses, workshops, theater and dance sessions for both kids and adults. 

SANAT Akademi aims to reach out children and young people as well. Also have a great desire to meet with all art lovers under the roof of this institution to share art, music, theater, dance and make them familiar with cultural activities.


Besides we plan to be a joint partner of artists, institutions and companies with its working environment, classrooms, meeting room and studios.

By the end of our first 6 motnhs before summer we had 26 female students and 16 male students. 19 of 42 students were between 7-14 ages.


SANAT Akademi

Address: Segersbyvägen 4, 145 63 Norsborg, Sweden

Phone:  +46 76 171 67 20